Today In Detroit – Tam Dean Burn

Forgotten Books, the World’s Forgotten Boy, her Best Loved Poet and my Pipe Dreams Did you know that there are more statues of Robert Burns around the world than any other artist ever? In fact there’s only ever been more statues of Christopher Colombus and Queen Victoria

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INTO ART: Peter Thomson with Ken Currie

This interview mark the first of a series of articles from prominent Scottish artist, Peter Thomson, who, we are delighted to announce, will now be curating our ‘Into Art‘ focus. And what a start! Peter caught up with world famous artist, Ken Currie to chat about his

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Into Creative: What’s that all about, then?

Into Creative gives creatives a platform, from established artists to those emerging or still under the radar for most people. Into Creative also produces its own content with new, exciting projects in development, which will come to fruition in 2021. Our website offers reviews and interviews and

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Help The Hug & Pint survive the Corona Crisis

The Hug and Pint is a cracking little venue on Great Western Road in Glasgow.  I used to play football with Brian Reynolds who co-owns the venue, so I know that The Hug genuinely exists out of love for music and (award winning) vegan food. A cool

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