Into Book Reviews: The Flame by Leonard Cohen

Book: The Flame Author: Leonard Cohen Publisher: Canongate A problem with being seductive is that you are likely to be indulged. Nice problem to have! But for the serious writer – the kind who writes for God, or the Muse, or even posterity – indulgence is the

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Into Book Reviews: HWFG by Chris McQueer

Book: HWFG Author: Chris McQueer Publisher: 404Ink Release: November 2018 I had never heard of Chris McQueer until he appeared on the excellent ACSOM podcast, where he read stuff from his first collection of short stories, Hings and chatted about Celtic. I then noticed him pop up

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Ninety – Life-Affirming Nostalgia or A Positive Education

BOOK REVIEW Ninety || Johnny Proctor If you’re reading this site, it’s likely you are familiar with the life-changing, and indeed life-saving, qualities of music and football. Rather than being the activities we use to escape from the pressure and rigmarole of daily life, these aspects have

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