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Into Books Review: Just A Shot Away – 1969 Revisited Part One

Book: Just A Shot Away: 1969 Revisited Part One Author: Kris Needs Publisher: New Haven Music journalist Kris Needs has written for pretty much any music magazine worth its salt for the past 40 plus years. His latest book, Just A Shot Away covers the first half of 1969

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Into Books Review: Ignore Alien Orders – On Parole With The Clash

Over at Into Creative towers our writers have been swotting up and reading through a plethora of reading material during the lockdown period. We told you about the excellent The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce – here and the thought-provoking Zoospeak – here. But listen up, as

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Into Books Review: Zoospeak by Gordon Meade & Jo-Anne McArthur

Book: Zoospeak Author: Gordon Meade and Jo-Anne McArthur Publisher: Enthusiastic Press When the poet Rainer Maria Rilke was working as a secretary to the sculptor Auguste Rodin, the two great men came up with a list of places in Paris which might inspire Rilke to write new

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Into Book Reviews: The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce by Tom Gillespie

Book: The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce Author: Tom Gillespie Publisher: Vine Leaves Press “The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce” is the first in a trilogy of books set in Scottish-born, Somerset-based author Tom Gillespie’s hometown and readers who like their thrillers dark and obsessive with a

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Into Book Review: Trouble Songs: Music And Conflict In Northern Ireland by Stuart Bailie

Book: Trouble Songs: Music And Conflict In Northern Ireland Author: Stuart Bailie Publisher: Bloomfield Music is a creative force for good, an outlet to express, ranging from whimsical nonsense through to the damn serious and everything in between. Throughout history, there are songs about oppression, politics, war, struggle, belief,

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Into Book Reviews: For The Good Times by David Keenan

Book: For The Good Times Author: David Keenan Publisher: Faber & Faber Browsing through Twitter recently a tweet from Spider Stacy (Pogues tin-whistle player extraordinaire) perked my attention. “This. This is what’s happening. Seriously brilliant. Fair puts a song in your dark heart and a smile on

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Into Book Reviews: He is Mine and I Have No Other by Rebecca O’Connor

Book: He is Mine and I Have No Other Author: Rebecca O’Connor Publisher: Canongate Opening with a chalk outline of a body on a classroom floor, the fifth chapter of Rebecca O’Connor’s debut novel invokes the morbid seriousness of murder mysteries in fiction and forensic crime series

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Into Book Reviews: HWFG by Chris McQueer

Book: HWFG Author: Chris McQueer Publisher: 404Ink Release: November 2018 I had never heard of Chris McQueer until he appeared on the excellent ACSOM podcast, where he read stuff from his first collection of short stories, Hings and chatted about Celtic. I then noticed him pop up

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Ninety – Life-Affirming Nostalgia or A Positive Education

BOOK REVIEW Ninety || Johnny Proctor If you’re reading this site, it’s likely you are familiar with the life-changing, and indeed life-saving, qualities of music and football. Rather than being the activities we use to escape from the pressure and rigmarole of daily life, these aspects have

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