The Glasgow Echo with Chris McQueer, Edgar Summertyme & Brian McClair

When A Celtic State of Mind decided to strike out on our own, it was hardly akin to Paul Weller leaving The Jam. We knew what we wanted to do, the content we wanted to create, and we realised that, in order to reach the standard we

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Theatre Review: Brattbakk Scores The Winner (Again)

Bend It Like Brattbakk || Websters Theatre Jim Orr’s second comedy play ‘Bend It Like Brattbakk’ is the story of Tam Lyons, Maggie Lyons and her boyfriend Nat during the 1997/98 season where Celtic were attempting to stop ‘The Ten’. Football and Celtic are the subjects that

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Margot McCuaig with A Celtic State of Mind

Tonight marks the first broadcast of Purple TV’s much-anticipated documentary on the late Tommy Burns, ten years after the Celtic icon passed away. Director Margot McCuaig has an award-winning resume, with biopics of Jimmy Johnstone, Jock Stein and Jim Baxter already in her impressive canon of work.

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The Glasgow Echo

INTO CREATIVE presents THE GLASGOW ECHO. The Glasgow Echo is the city’s latest cultural event, which will encapsulate football, music, film, literature and poetry. This inaugural evening includes quite an astonishing bill at one of Glasgow’s finest hubs of creativity. Here is the eclectic line-up in full:

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Nostalgia and Change

There are places I’ll remember All my life though some have changed Some forever not for better Some have gone and some remain In My Life – The Beatles Like most obsessives, football was introduced to me at an early age. The buzz of cup finals and

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The remarkable rise of Scott Brown

There will be no changing of the guard any time soon. No removal of Scottish football’s lynchpin from his hundred mile-high pedestal. Pretenders to his throne haven’t even earned the position of clown prince – they will have to earn the right to lace his boots before

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