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Into Music Review: Hello Mama – John Condron

Artist: John Condron
Song: Hello Mama
Video: Into Creative

Drumchapel’s finest troubadour, John Condron has been gigging in and around Glasgow for many years with Fingers (Christopher James Sheridan from The Wakes). They’ve also done shows in Holland and Germany, as well as a trip to New York and Chicago last year (featured in the video for the song produced by Into Creative). They first released an album of American Folk songs in 2015 called 51 King Street (Can be found on the Apple Music link below).

This new song, Hello Mama, released today (Friday 28 August 2020), is an evocative and direct letter to John’s late mother.



Backing vocals on the track are supplied by Mama T who is a member of the wonderful Trongate Rum Riots as well as being a solo singer in her own right.

I’m extremely lucky to know so many wonderful musicians and even luckier that when I decided at the last minute that some backing vocals would be a great addition Mama T,  first of all agreed to do it, and then did such an amazing job.

Dom Manning, who plays piano, bass and strings as well as producing the song has been a massive influence in encouraging John to get out and get gigging and songwriting. He’s been involved in everything that John has recorded to date.

I think the song has a kind of “lockdown song” feel to it. Everyone was put into the situation that they couldn’t see their loved ones anymore. That’s something that I had been dealing with for a few years since my mama died. Dear Mama, (a song released shortly John’s mother passed away) was about the struggle of dealing with losing her to Alzheimer’s. This new song is a bit more positive and more around the fact that I’m doing alright. That’s where the lockdown feel comes in I think, everyone wants to see their loved ones and tell them that despite everything they’re doing ok.

My wee mama was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease around 10 years ago. She was 54. Dear Mama was about how difficult it was to watch her disappear day by day. She died around four years ago. I’m pleased that I can talk about it all a bit easier now, and while I’m not religious in any way, releasing Hello Mama on her birthday feels like a wee present for her, just telling her I’m gonna be alright.

It’s time that John Condron was on everyone’s radar. And this new song is a good place to start. Tune in to Into Creative’s favourite radio show, Lost In Music with George Paterson, on Sunday 6-8pm at Cumbernauld FM 106.8FM, to hear more music from John.

Hello Mama is now available to buy here.

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