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Into Music Reviews: New Music April 2024

A couple of weeks back, Into Creative brought you some choice Scottish cuts and we enjoyed it so much we’ve decided to do it again. The breadth and depth of new (and old) Scottish music being released at the moment is an absolute testament to the quality coming from bands and artists alike. So grab a drink, sit back and read on.

And do check the tunes out, we guarantee you will be blown away.   

Artist: Adam & The Regents 
Single: More Than A Friend
Label: self released

We’ve been banging on about this young Glasgow band for quite a while now and based on this assured new single, it’s little wonder. The five-piece have delivered another belter in More Than A Friend, an indie stomper that combines solid melodies and a strong vocal. 

The band are on point from the guitar intro through to the metronomic drums, purring bass and a great vocal from singer Adam. Recorded and mixed at Castle of Doom studios in Glasgow, the production is great, and cleaner than the proverbial whistle. 

Adam & The Regents are beginning to gain a solid following and by all accounts their recent gig at Broadcast went down a storm. 

More Than A Friend is available on all the usual streaming platforms. The band has a strong social media presence so check out their Bandcamp page here


Artist: Close Lobsters 
EPs: Janice Long 6session 15.07.86/ John Peel session 04.01.1988
Label: Precious Recordings of London

Now, where do you start with this? Well, let’s dive straight in. In my opinion, this could be the best release from those cool cats at Precious Recordings of London to date and, given the quality of their back catalogue, that’s saying something. 

Two radio sessions across two 10″ vinyl completed for esteemed disc jockeys Janice Long and John Peel from the mid eighties capture Paisley’s finest in the pompous pop glory. Criminally underrated, the band released their debut album Foxheads Stalk This Land in 1987 and relatively recently released a new long player in Post Neo Anti

On offer here, tracks such as Heaven…Rains (on the 1986 session and later renamed as Going To Heaven To See If It Rains) simply flow through the listener, a perfect combination of psychedelic pop and a hook that most bands could only dream of. The band appeared on the famous NME C86 offering and while some of those combos – and tracks – sound dated now, the radio session tracks still feel pleasingly fresh and fervent. 

(The sharp eyed football historians among you might recognise the 1986 date as that of that year’s World Cup Final and the sleeve notes tell of a tale of watching the game alongside one Mark E.Smith in the BBC Maida Vale studios.) 

The jangle guitar on Loopholes on the Peel session is a particular delight whereas the hazy wooziness of From This Day On runs just shy of five minutes and is an absolute joy, perhaps the pick of the bunch here. 

Oh, and the best bit? Order via Bandcamp and the release comes with an additional Radio Clyde session the band did in March 1989, featuring an über cool take on Soft Cell’s Say Hello Wave Goodbye

For more, head to the Precious Recordings of London Bandcamp page here


Artist: BMX Bandits 
Single: Hop Skip Jump (For Your Love)
Label: Tapete Records

BMX Bandits are back!! And no messing about either with an intro that makes ones hips convulse, groove and make shapes! What IS going on here?? Seconds later and the familiar vocal tones of Duglas T.Stewart envelop you like the warmest of embraces before the song expands, hinting at Beach Boys harmonies, a gorgeous guitar break and telling lyrics of a love story that hasn’t gone quite to plan. 

 Like all great pop songs, it clocks in at three minutes or so and precedes a new album called Dreamers On The Run which is out in late April 2024. Hop Skip Jump is a welcome return, Stewart’s voice retains an innocence, a charm and a beguiling allure that remains as irresistible now as it did when the band first appeared in the mid 1980s. More please!!!!


Artist: The Pearlfishers 
Single: Making Tapes For Girls
Label: Marina Records

The first new music from The Pearlfishers since 2019’s long player, Love & Other Hopeless Things is indeed a beautiful thing. With David Scott, one thing you can count on is his consistently effortless handle on melody. 

The title of the single made me smile before I’d even heard the song, and I’m sure that will be the same for many. Textured acoustic guitar, strings to die for and that swooning vocal lead to a track that simply washes over the listener. With a late 60’s Laurel Canyon vibe, this is The Pearlfishers at their majestic best. 

Making Tapes For Girls is also the name of the new Pearlfishers album which lands on May 24th and the band will also be playing it in full at Strathaven Hotel as part of the Frets Concert series on June 7th. 

For more on the single/album, head to the Marina Records website here and for details on the Strathaven gig head to the link here.  


Artist: Hifi Sean, Severino, Feral is Kinky 
Single: London
Label: Faith

 Given Hifi Sean’s involvement here, we are attributing Scottish status to London and why not!    A track made for the dancefloors, the beats simply ooze out of this groover and the release comes with an additional four mixes (Loffe Beats Remix, Extended Mix, Loffe Beats Extended Remix and Dub).

The collaboration here mixes the talents of Hifi Sean, Severino Panzetta (resident DJ at Horse Meat Disco) and MC Kinky (the vocalist behind Everything Starts With An E by E-Zee Possee). Each collaborator brings something unique to the mix here for what is a dancetastic, banging house track of the highest order while the variety in the mixes provide enough interest to go back to them time and time again. Get down on the dancefloor? Definitely see you there…


John Welsh




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