As we enter into a nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19…

After careful consideration I have decided, as a freelance designer, to use my professional skills to offer something which will hopefully resonate in households across the country at this testing time and subsequently benefit charities involved in helping the most vulnerable people in our society. As I am based in Scotland, the beneficiaries will be local Scottish charities. This may change as the public health landscape changes.

So, here’s what you can do to kick this off..

Whether you live alone, or with a partner, or have a full house of family members, have a rummage through your stashed away boxes of old photographs. Pick out the ones which you always felt were too damaged to display or even ones which you would like to see colourised to a professional standard.

The next step is to decide what you would like, in terms of digital restoration and/or colourisation – examples of each shown below.

For an additional cost, your newly restored image can be made into  physical double-sided postcards (minimum order 25).

The minimum cost is £20 for a digital restoration, with 20% going to charity. That’s £4 from your purchase going to a good cause. The maths are that if you purchase to the value of £55, for example, then £11 of the fee goes to the charity. I will publish acknowledgements of donations from the charity as soon as this is received. The nominated beneficiary will be posted on the sales pages and may change over time, again, as the public health landscape changes.

The nominated charity is The Invisibles. The Glasgow-based organisation helps the homeless community. Click on the name above to find out a bit more about them.

This service is not for pre-published images which may be subject to copyright. This is about family and community. Please only send images taken by yourself, a friend or a family member or from your own personal family collection. No ‘celebrity’ images will be processed.

A good, clear photograph of your image must be supplied to as high a resolution as possible. Most mobile devices have good enough built in cameras to achieve the necessary quality.


When capturing your image, avoid strong direct light reflecting off the photograph(s). Use daylight wherever possible and a flat surface to place the photograph on (on white sheet of paper?). NEVER use a flash setting and avoid casting any shadows onto the image. Also, do not crop off damaged edges.

If any problems are anticipated with the supplied image, you will be informed before commencement of the digital restoration. Also, there are limitations to the complexity of supplied images. Anything approximating a battle scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy will not be a practical restoration project. (Unless you have the budget!).

Your captured image should be emailed to me BEFORE YOU COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE at If the file size is greater than 12Mb then please send to my email address via a file transfer website. An example of a good one to use is but there are other equally good file transfer sites out there. Please contact me if you wish to have more than 5 images restored to discuss a discount on multiple purchases.

I hope that selecting a significant or precious image for digital restoration from your family collection will be an enjoyable activity for everyone in the current environment of strict limitation of movement beyond your home.

Stay safe and enjoy your trip back in time.




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A physical postcard and the perfect opportunity to send someone just the right message.

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