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Into Music Reviews: Kevin McDermott at The Admiral, Glasgow

Act: Kevin McDermott
Venue: The Admiral, Glasgow
Date: 27 December 2018

The Kevin McDermott story is one that highlights how unpredictable the music business can be and how quickly things can change.  A very brief summary – Back in 1989 the Kevin McDermott Orchestra released the critically acclaimed and brilliant Mother Nature’s Kitchen album on Island records, home to U2 and Bob Marley at the time. As KMO toured round the US to promote the album behind the scenes the record label changed hands and KMO were dropped like a stone for no other reason than just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Although the band soldiered on the momentum built up by the record release was lost and, with it, a real shot at breaking out to a wider audience. Despite this monumental setback the band kept going releasing another great album in Bedazzled and other quality releases before calling it a day in 1994.  There have been sporadic reunions along the way but these days Kevin is to be found doing more intimate acoustic shows like tonight’s show at The Admiral.

Starting with a festive Last Christmas, Kevin ran through a back catalogue of great songs and it really is a travesty that these songs don’t have a broader audience. A set that mainly comprised of songs from Mother Nature’s Kitchen and Bedazzled with the exquisite Jenny Lynd and a terrific Curious Daylight adding to the mix. When you have such a list of brilliant songs to choose from such as Where We Were Meant to Be, What Comes to Pass, Angel, Hole in the Ground and Somebody to Believe In, you really can’t go far wrong.

Kevin has a loyal and vociferous audience and, imbibed with some Christmas spirit, they provided some fine backing vocals for Healing at the Harbour and the singalongs of Wheels of Wonder, Mother Nature’s Kitchen and the slower songs such as Tell it ‘Til It’s True and ‘Til the Bough Breaks.  As the gig came to a close the crowd loved it so much, they demanded he come back on and do an unscheduled encore of Master of the Man, such was the reception at the end. A terrific night’s entertainment.

It’s been a while since Kevin released some new material but finding ways to finance new music is a tricky business for musicians these days. Fingers crossed that 2019 will see some new music from Kevin and with 2019 also being the 30th anniversary of Mother Nature’s Kitchen’s release, every home should have one. Is it being too greedy to hope that the band get back together to celebrate such a great release. It is an album that really should have sent them on the road to fame and fortune. I’ve got my toes crossed as well.

Kevin Williamson

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Mother Nature’s Kitchen

Where We Were Meant To Be


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