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Into Music Reviews: More New Music July 2021

After our sojourn across the Atlantic to bring you the best of music from the USA, Into Music are back to update you on some tunes a little closer to home. 

Artist: Vulture Party
Single: Afterlife

Just over a year or so ago, Vulture Party released their self-titled debut album on the Last Night From Glasgow label. News of a new album coming in spring 2022 is great news and to preview that, the band have just released lead single, Afterlife on the same label. 

If anything, the band have developed their sound and produced a belter of a track so expectations for the album are high. Hypnotic synths, pulsing bass and a drum machine beat provide the perfect backdrop to dual vocals which talk of living again in the afterlife. 

There is definitely a touch of LCD Soundsystem about the track but more than enough to suggest Vulture Party are ploughing their own furrow and doing it very successfully indeed. 

We previously interviewed Vulture Party for part of our Into Scottish Creatives series and you can read about that here. To keep up to date with the band, visit their website here


Artist: Mauv & Pixx
Single: Change Will Come Anyway

There’s seems to be an uptick in bands where a monotonous vocal style seems to be de rigueur at the moment – Wet Leg and Dry Cleaning fit that bill. 

Mauv and Pixx flirt with that here though as the song builds through the urgency of the music, so to does Pixx’s vocal leading to an increased airy vibe. 

The song was written when Mauv and Pixx (aka Hannah Rodgers) were living with friends in Streatham but there is an undoubted and ultra-cool European vibe about it with electronica based pop akin to Stereolab at their finest. Powered by a motorik beat, the track climbs to a pulsating crescendo … and then it’s over, but I absolutely guarantee you’ll have this one on repeat, Change Will Come Anyway is a definite earworm song for the summer. 

Check out the track via the All My Thoughts Bandcamp page here.


Artist: The Courettes
Single: Hop The Twig

Slightly further afield we find The Courettes, a band made in Brazil and Denmark no less. New singly Hop The Twig wears its influences firmly on its sleeve and makes no rockin’ bones about it. The guitar is the star (albeit singer Flavia’s vocal isn’t far behind) from the off, deep, rich and raw, just like good rock and roll should be. As the song nears its climax, a jarring piano accompaniment slides in to add a different dynamic to the track.  

With influences like Duane Eddy and The Sonics it’s easy to see where The Courettes get their sound from. Flip side, Only Happy When You Are Gone is a more melodic track invoking 60s harmony bands and a Spectoresque backbeat. 

Having just signed to Damaged Good Records and with a new album, Back In Mono, on the horizon, this is a band worthy of further investment, go check them out at their website here.  

John Welsh


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