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Into Music : Upcoming Gigs

Since the start of 2022, we have gradually seen a (welcome) return to live music and as an avid gig goer, it has been nothing short of fantastic. Of course, it’s been different and we still see people rightly exercising caution to protect themselves and others. As has always been the case, choosing who to see and who to give a miss is always a consideration but if you are looking for gig suggestions, read on…

Concert: The Psychedelic Furs
Venue: Glasgow SWG3
Date:  7 April 2022

Thinking back to the early 1980s when post-punk bands first roamed the earth, The Psychedelic Furs were front and centre of that scene and left behind a plethora of red hot singles and smoking albums. 

Tracks such as Sister Europe, Love My Way, Heaven and Pretty In Pink showcased the consistency of the London rockers and helped to firmly establish them as one of the top bands of the decade. 

Since the release of 1991’s World Outside album, the band have toured intermittently selling out shows across the globe. Pleasingly, new music followed after almost a thirty year gap with the critically acclaimed Made Of Rain album in 2020 which more than stood up when compared to their early work. It really was a tour de force and tracks such as Wrong Train, This’ll Never Be Like Love and Ash Wednesday showed the band in fine fettle.  

Over the years the band have played many venues in Glasgow including Barrowland and the sadly missed ABC. This time around, they’ll hit the stage at SWG3 on Thursday 07th April. With support being provided by Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls, it is bound to be an electric atmosphere and a great show.  

For tickets, (including other U,K, dates) head over to The Psychedelic Furs website here


Concert: Killing Joke
Venue: Glasgow Barrowland
Date:  6 April 2022

Another post punk band who made their name in the 1980s is Killing Joke and they make a welcome return to Glasgow with a show at the Barrowland on April 6th. 

Featuring the original line up of Jaz Coleman (vocals), Geordie (guitar), Youth (bass) and Big Paul (drums), the band will perform tracks from a back catalogue which stretches to 15 studio albums and over 30 singles so they won’t be short of options!

There is also a fair chance that the band will debut some new material including recent single Lord Of Chaos. Known for their incendiary live shows, the Honour The Fire U.K. tour is one not to miss with Youth commenting:

The fire in our hearts that has sustained and protected us for over 40 years, never goes out.
It is our privilege to Honour The Fire and celebrate the white heat purification by sound. Join with us in a fearless leap through the sacred flames, into the unknown….let’s create the future we all desire,  by sonically destroying the one we don’t.

For tickets to see Killing Joke head over to their website here


Concert: The McCluskey Brothers
Venue: Glasgow Big Blue/LNFG
Date:  20 March 2022

The coolest record shop in Glasgow and most likely in all of Scotland not only stock the best music – and books – but they also put on some live shows for our pleasure which is just fantastic! 

While new music is the staple of Last Night From Glasgow, the record label have also came up with the genius idea of Past Night From Glasgow where previously released records that are usually out of circulation get remastered and re-released for fans existing and new to enjoy. To date, albums by the likes of The Bluebells, Hipsway, BMX Bandits and The Trashcan Sinatras have benefitted and the end result is always a thing of beauty. 

Now, one can add The McCluskey Brothers record Favourite Colours to that growing list. Having seen them play CJ’s in Stirling in 1992 in support of this album, it was always been a particular favourite of mine even though, due to a lack of a cassette player, I haven’t had the opportunity to play the tape I bought that night for a number of years.

Thankfully however, along came PNFG to solve the problem, releasing the record on vinyl for the first time ever. Listening to tracks like Perfect Afternoon and She Said To The Driver instantly brought back memories of how good this collection was and I’ve hardly had it off the turntable since it arrived. The album also contains contributions from the likes of Campbell Owens, John McCusker and Brian Docherty who has also worked with Ken McCluskey on their Docken Leaf collaboration (see the Into Creative interview with Ken and Brian here). 

Those in Glasgow this Sunday (20 March) are in for a treat as the band will be in Big Blue/LNFG, Hidden Lane, Glasgow to play tracks live in store. To find out more about LNFG, visit their website here.

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