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Into Books Review: Ignore Alien Orders – On Parole With The Clash

Over at Into Creative towers our writers have been swotting up and reading through a plethora of reading material during the lockdown period. We told you about the excellent The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce – here and the thought-provoking Zoospeak – here. But listen up, as Jimmy Cricket once said (well, actually he said it quite a few times), there’s more … But enough of Jimmy, we are indeed in strange circumstances due to lockdown and it’s at times like this I always think of a Joe Strummer quote, the future is unwritten. And speaking of Joe and The Clash…

Book: Ignore Alien Orders – On Parole With The Clash
Author: Tony Beesley and Anthony Davie
Publisher: Days Like Tomorrow Books

You would think everything that’s worth saying about The Clash has already been said and published over the years but you’d be wrong. Beesley and Davie have managed to come up with a fantastic book which is very much written by the fans for the fans of the only band that matters.

The book charts the evolution of The Clash as a band told from the fans perspective, what the records meant, the chaos and raw energy of gigs and in many cases, events that have influenced and shaped lives. What really adds impact too is the photos, gig tickets, tour posters and other memorabilia the contributors have provided, most of which has not been published before. There is also a section on post Clash events covering the other bands Joe, Mick, Paul and Topper were involved in and the untimely death of Joe is covered too.

At over 300 pages and in hardback, this book is a serious player and brings a new and really interesting perspective to The Clash. If you are a fan, buy the book here, it’s that simple, you will not be disappointed.

Into Creative will be publishing an exclusive interview with author Tony Beesley.

John Welsh


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