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Into Music Reviews: New Music

Into Music are always on the look out for new music and recently we’ve found some catchy tunes and hidden gems which we’d like to tell you about.

Artist: Teenage Fanclub
Song: Home
Label: PeMa & Merge Records 

It’s been 4 long years since Teenage Fanclub released Here, but the band have just dropped the single version of new track Home which precedes the album Endless Arcade, scheduled for release in March 2021.

It’s the first Fannies record to include Euros Child, formerly of Gorky’s Zygotic Minci on keyboards and it’s a welcome return to form. Norman Blake provides harmonious vocals offset against the familiar catchy guitar pop that the band are known and loved for.

The single runs to just under 4 minutes though the album version comes in at a chunkier 7 minutes. For details on the album and all things Teenage Fanclub, check out their website here.


Artist: Rachel Barror
Song: Young At Heart
Label: Unsigned 

Most bands and artists will do the occasional cover version from time to time but it’s not often one will stop you in your tracks at just how different and jaw-droppingly beautiful their version is, when compared to the original.

That’s exactly what Irish singer-songwriter Rachel Barror has done here. No easy task when you consider how revered The Bluebells Young At Heart is. Barror has taken the track and completely stripped it back, providing a heartfelt and plaintive vocal with only a sparse piano as a backdrop. Barror’s voice is raw, passionate, melancholic and poignant and really brings a new dimension to a much loved song.

Barror said of Young At Heart “The simplicity and sentiment of the lyrics is what makes it beautiful and that really drew me in. It’s not your typical kind of love song but more importantly a love song which speaks to all ages, so I wanted to breathe new life back into it”.

Young At Heart by Rachel Barror will be released on 23 November 2020. Check out here website here.

Artist: We Are Joiners
EP: Clients
Label: Unsigned 

Hailing from the Dutch city of Groningen which is known as the the Metropolis of the North, come the lo-fi post-punk sound of We Are Joiners.

Comprising Kevin and Nilez, Clients is the band’s second EP following on from previous release Carriers earlier this year. With another EP in the pipeline, Nora, it’s fair to say the band are on a bit of a creative high at the moment.

There’s plenty to like here from the frenetic burst of energy that is Buddies through to the scuzzy yet melodic Wee Creeper. Highlight though is the closing Johnny Be Good! with its repetitive hook, soaring guitar and pulsing drums. Close your eyes and this could easily be Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, it’s that good. Check out their Bandcamp page here.

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