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Into Music : Upcoming Gigs

Festival season continues and Into Creative recently highlighted the upcoming Vibration Festival in Falkirk here but if you’re still hungry for that live experience, there are loads more gigs happening and bands/artists hitting the road and heading to venues near to you. What follows is what we consider a wide, varied and exciting selection of the best we’ve got to offer.  

Concert: Gun
Venue: Various 
Date:  Various

With a new album titled The Calton Songs (scheduled for release in October) which includes a reworking of Word Up and other tracks from their extensive back catalogue, Gun hit the road from August through to December this year.

The album title, of course, pays homage to the area of Glasgow where the band formed and continue to write their songs from. The new record is sure to be a hit with their loyal fan base. Interestingly, the first part of the tour in August will be purely acoustic though the December leg will see the band plug in their instruments and rock out in the style we know and love. 

Dates include Irvine, Dunfermline, Strathaven, Cumbernauld, Galashiels, Aberdeen and Glasgow. For more details on the tour and new album head over to the Gun website here


Concert: Deux Furieuses
Venue: Glasgow, Garage Attic
Date:  21 August 2022

The post punk duo have just released new single Know The Score which is an anthem for anti-violence against women. It precedes a new long player called Songs From Planet Earth out November 11th and the band are hitting the road over the coming months to help promote it.

Deux Furieuses will play the Garage Attic in Glasgow on August 11th in what is likely to be a blazing hot gig. Mixing punk, rock and attitude to boot, it will be a homecoming show for Scottish vocalist/guitarist Ros Cairney accompanied by Greek/London based drummer Vas Antoniadou.

Talking of Know The Score the band said: 

We wrote this song about the shadow pandemic of violence against women. The song is a pounding strut of confidence on a big stage. It is bravado on a deserted street as we reach for our personal alarm… This is a song in solidarity with women who all know the score. The Government is ripping up the Human Rights Act to limit how we challenge injustice. Know the score – we are losing rights.

Lyrically, Deux Furieuses have a lot to say and they demand to be listened to. Please check them out, they need to be heard. Keep up to speed with the band via their website here


Concert: Just Mustard
Venue: Glasgow Broadcast
Dates:  23 September 2022

There’s no question that Ireland continues to be a bedrock of great music and the latest addition to that tradition are Just Mustard, a 5-piece rock band hailing from Dundalk.

Following success touring with Fontaines D.C. the band are now preparing to head out on their own headline tour in support of their album Heart Under.  Recent single Seed, is quite frankly disturbing to listen to, but in a good way. Elements of noise, feedback and reverb hit the senses square on while the ethereal, angelic vocal provided by Katie Ball seems both at odds with the music but at the same time complementing it perfectly. This is the type of new music that excites, it’s different, dangerous and devilish. More please. 

Having recently played the John Peel stage at Glastonbury, the band embark on a U.K. tour in September including a show at Glasgow Broadcast on the 23rd, not to be missed. 

All details on the album and tour can be found here


Concert: Blancmange
Venues: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow
Dates:  01/02/03 December 2022

If you had to pick some of the best songs to come out of the 1980’s, Blancmange would surely feature. Living On The Ceiling, Don’t Tell Me and The Day Before You Came remain stone cold classics to this day and really stand the test of time.

But that isn’t enough for the band and they continue to make new and innovative music. With a new album Private View due to drop on September 30th the band will play an extensive U.K. tour including dates at Aberdeen Lemon Tree, Edinburgh Liquid Room and Glasgow Queen Margaret Union. 

Neil Arthur isn’t one to focus purely on nostalgia of the past and that’s evident with the volume of new music he has issued as Blancmange over recent years. Arthur said: 

A lot of people are frightened of the future and are quite happy to have a repeat of something that was done before. But it’s just not for me. Looking forward you’ve got a hell of a world to try and navigate through at the moment. We’re all moving forward – so we’ve got to try and find some answers.

For more details visit the Blancmange website here.


Concert: False Heads
Venue: Glasgow Hug & Pint
Dates:  04 October 2022

It is fair to say that False Heads are creating a bit of a stir on the music scene. Any band who has been endorsed by Iggy Pop surely has something about them and there is no doubt the Essex trio have the ingredients to go on to bigger things. 

New single Thick Skin bubbles and boils and has a repetitive yet harmonious guitar/bass/drum beat that reminds me of Elastica but with the attitude of early Libertines. The mix of hedonistic post punk, garage and rock and roll is evident here, the song a raucous singalong as it builds to a loud climax. Singer/guitarist Luke Griffiths said of the song: 

Thick Skin” is about how much I f****** hate the current political discourse. To me, politics seems to be completely and utterly middle-class from left to right — class has been seemingly removed from a lot of left-wing politics.

It’s also about social media politics. That kind of rage and vitriol is some form of lashing out for mental health problems and it’s like a form of addictive behaviour. I understand this, dealing with depression and having a history of drug abuse, and I understand how difficult it is to not let that rage inside you come out in vicious ways. But I just feel like social media has allowed a million different forms of religion, nationalism and tribalism to be completely normalised. Our brains are rotting and there is no hope, and every time I feel like there is I’m stung again.

Sure to be a great gig, the band will showcase songs from their upcoming album Sick Moon which is due for release on September 30th as well as tracks from their 2020 album It’s All There But You’re Dreaming.  

For details on the new album and tour, visit the False Heads website here

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