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Into Music Reviews: More New Music

Into Music brought you some new music reviews last week which you can access here and given we are in a generous mood, we thought we would repeat that this week with some more top tunes just for you.

Artist: Darren McGarvey
Song: I W!$H ! W^$ D£AD

Music is often seen as a source of escapism as well as a medium to challenge prejudices, champion those without a voice and to highlight issues which are often skirted around and ignored in society. Darren McGarvey aka Loki the Scottish Rapper focuses on these aspects here in spades and this track should be a wake up call for all of us, for you, for me, our families, friends and every single politician in this country.

At a time when lockdown and Covid has exponentially increased mental health issues across the population, I W!$H ! W^$ D£AD brings home the stark reality of the problems many people are facing. The track delves into addiction, alcoholism, drug dependency, solvent abuse, the mirage of masculinity and the black dog spectre of suicide, a heavy cocktail of dysfunctionality and darkness.

Yet despite this, McGarvey underpins the track with optimism, a clarion call to “realize your brilliance”. The song and the accompanying video (shot in Glasgow) are both powerful, moving and above all else, provide hope.

McGarvey said of the track:

“It seems no matter how much time I take to express myself clearly, or how pleasant I attempt to make a reading or listening experience, it will inevitably be construed as ‘brutal’. Well, I have decided to really lean into that now”.

For some, this song and its lyrics are an uncomfortable truth, but we need the likes of McGarvey and others to speak for the invisibles in our society and we all need to do our part in confronting, addressing and supporting the socio-economic issues in our communities.

Darren McGarvey is an author, musician and social commentator – visit his website here.

If you are struggling or know someone who is, the Samaritans are there to help – visit there website here or call 116 123.



Artist: Mogwai
Song: Dry Fantasy
Label: Rock Action 

Perhaps the most innovative band to come out of Scotland in the last 25 years, Mogwai are back with new single Dry Fantasy, which precedes new album As The Love Continues which is due to be released in February 2021.

The track is a sparse, lunar soundscape of minimalistic reverse loops before an expansion and exploration of synth orientated space rock. It’s bold, innovative and bodes well for the new album early next year. It’s good to have them back.

Catch up on Mogwai and their new album via the band’s website here.


Artist: Spyres
Song: I Don’t Care
Label: 7 West Music 

It’s been quite the meteoric rise for East Kilbride four-piece, Spyres, since their debut single, Otherside was released 12 months or so ago. Since then, second single Fake ID further cemented their burgeoning reputation and new song ‘I Don’t Care has just been released and it’s an absolute banger!

I Don’t Care is a blissful indie pop and rock tune that rattles along with a confident swagger, up front guitars and a sublime Courtney Love-esque style vocal.

Singer Keira McGuire said about the new single:

“It feels like a pure coming of age song, like it could be in a movie! We had to adjust to a new studio since Lo-Fi closed due to Covid, and we couldn’t do things the way we usually do but we worked around it. I remember when we went to write it, we were trying to think like ‘what should we write about?’. It was pure weird because me and Emily haven’t written a song like this before but it came together. We even made some of the lyrics up five minutes before getting into the studio”

It’s easy to see why the band are highly regarded, pencilled in support slots with The Jesus & Mary Chain and lauded by the likes of radio DJ Jim Gellatly. There’s no doubt Spyres are one of the most exciting bands to come on the Scottish scene in recent years and definitely one to watch out for in 2021.

I Don’t Care can be downloaded here.


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