Into Music Reviews: Teenage Fanclub at Glasgow Barrowland

I’ll make it clear… I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Teenage Fanclub pushing 10 times over the years. My first ever at The Barras was seeing The Fannies on my 17th birthday (shh), when they were supported by Juliana Hatfield and The Posies (some real blasts from

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Into Music Reviews: Slaves at Glasgow Barrowland

Slaves at Glasgow Barrowland, 8 November 2018 Picture the scene: You are 35, you lived through the mid-to-late nineties and early noughties, and experienced all that came with it… Great music, some truly cheesy dance music, and a perceived political shift in New Labour. You now live

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Into Book Reviews: HWFG by Chris McQueer

Book: HWFG Author: Chris McQueer Publisher: 404Ink Release: November 2018 I had never heard of Chris McQueer until he appeared on the excellent ACSOM podcast, where he read stuff from his first collection of short stories, Hings and chatted about Celtic. I then noticed him pop up

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Into The Music Vault – TRNSMT 2018

Chasing Rainbows in the Company of Strangers Martin Donaldson looks back on TRNSMT 2018 As far as music festival experiences go, TRNSMT is one of the more agreeable. Held on Glasgow Green, in the heart of our Dear Green Place, there is no need to dust down

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Into Music Reviews: Ian Brown – First World Problems

It’s not a quintessential Ian Brown track in the same vein as the lushly string-laden FEAR, nor is it cut from the same atmospheric soundscape as Be There, but First World Problems is profoundly the sound of a man who has finally been freed from the shackles

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Into Live Music: Kris Drever & Boo Hewerdine at Saint Andrews in the Square

Kris Drever & Boo Hewerdine:
 14 October 2018 at Saint Andrews in the Square   Kris Drever & Boo Hewerdine are stalwarts of the UK folk and singer-songwriter scene. Kris has won multiple awards for both his solo output and for material released either with his band

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The Glasgow Echo with Chris McQueer, Edgar Summertyme & Brian McClair

When A Celtic State of Mind decided to strike out on our own, it was hardly akin to Paul Weller leaving The Jam. We knew what we wanted to do, the content we wanted to create, and we realised that, in order to reach the standard we

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Theatre Review: Brattbakk Scores The Winner (Again)

Bend It Like Brattbakk || Websters Theatre Jim Orr’s second comedy play ‘Bend It Like Brattbakk’ is the story of Tam Lyons, Maggie Lyons and her boyfriend Nat during the 1997/98 season where Celtic were attempting to stop ‘The Ten’. Football and Celtic are the subjects that

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Ace City Racers and The Hyper Reel at the Renfrew Ferry

I’ve been to a few interesting venues for gigs in my time, including a Volcano, an old gasworks and an abandoned cow shed, but I am not sure I have ever seen a gig on a boat. Until Thursday 4 October at the Renfrew Ferry venue on

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Margot McCuaig with A Celtic State of Mind

Tonight marks the first broadcast of Purple TV’s much-anticipated documentary on the late Tommy Burns, ten years after the Celtic icon passed away. Director Margot McCuaig has an award-winning resume, with biopics of Jimmy Johnstone, Jock Stein and Jim Baxter already in her impressive canon of work.

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