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Help The Hug & Pint survive the Corona Crisis

The Hug and Pint is a cracking little venue on Great Western Road in Glasgow. 

I used to play football with Brian Reynolds who co-owns the venue, so I know that The Hug genuinely exists out of love for music and (award winning) vegan food. A cool environment with a good selection of drinks helps! With a capacity of 100 for the basement music venue and maybe seating for 30-40 upstairs, The Hug and Pint exists on a week-by-week basis. Big Thief are one of the larger bands that have come through to larger venues after playing in the bar and the venue supports a lot of DIY and independent artists on the Scottish scene.

Covid-19 is having a huge impact on the arts and social behaviour and therefore on venues like the Hug and Pint. Bands are cancelling or postponing tours and shows and people are choosing to stay in.

I work in fundraising and with my fundraising hat on, the good folk at The Hug and Pint are doing everything right – they have acted quickly, decisively and they are being open and transparent with their customers.

On their crowdfunding page you can either make a donation of your choice, or you can make a donation and benefit from some Hug and Pint goodies.

The page is approaching £2,000 in a couple of hours. With 15,000 likes on Facebook, there should be enough love to reach the £30,000 target which will help The Hug and Pint survive the Corona virus crisis.

Times are changing and times are going to be tough for a lot of people. I hope that fellow music lovers will donate to keep this small independent venue open once we get through this.

Murray Easton



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