Wednesday, 24 June, 2020 in Culture, Music

Blackford Hill – Sing The Gloaming

Sing the Gloaming is a project on light, language and landscape, created using experimental art and music, and featuring some of Scotland’s finest vocalists: Hanna Tuulikki, Aidan Moffat, Andrew Wasylyk, Su Shaw (SHHE), Emily Scott (Modern Studies), Kenny Anderson (King Creosote), Nerea Bello and Rob St. John.

It is a collaboration between Professor Simon Kirby and artist/musicians Tommy Perman and Rob St. John.

It is a fascinating evolution of abtract sounds and human vocals which has produced some stunning, ambient pieces you have to surrender yourself to, to feel the full effect.

The video below give some background to the process of making Sing The Gloaming.

Blackford Hill website


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