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Into Music: Upcoming Gigs

Here at Into Creative Towers, a squint at the bands and artists who are heading out soon on tour has certainly quickened the heart rate. We reckon there is something for everyone so do read on and find out what we consider to be the best of a great bunch of bands coming to a stage near you.

Concert: His Lordship
Venues: Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire/ Glasgow Rum Shack 
Dates:  17 & 19 May 2024

We’ve been banging the drum and mentioning to anyone who cares to listen that rock and roll is alive and well and that is down to bands like His Lordship. Even more incredible is that the raw noise and energy is brought to you by only two band members, James Walbourne on guitar and vocals and Kristoffer Sonne on drums. With a combined CV that includes spells with The Pogues and The Pretenders/Chrissie Hynde, these guys know their way around a stage and how to propel their sonic, no holds barred garage/rockabilly to the masses. 

Their self-titled debut album is not long out and its twelve songs run to just thirty minutes but it’s a smokin’ hot whirlwind of a record that shakes, rattles and rolls. 

Many are saying they are the hottest live band in the U.K right now and that’s no surprise. The band hit Scotland with two dates as part of a wider tour and this is not one to miss. 

For more on His Lordship, the new album and the tour, visit their website here


Concert: The Lovely Eggs
Venues: Glasgow Saint Luke’s/ Edinburgh La Belle Angele 
Dates:  23 & 24 May 2024

One thing I know is that The Lovely Eggs do things their way and the world is a better place for it. Considered the definitive “indie” band but they are so much more than that. With a new album due to land in Eggsistentialism (produced by Dave Fridmann, known for his work with The Flaming Lips) on 17th May, the Lancaster duo of Holly and David hit the road for a U.K. tour which kicks off with dates in Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

Early single My Mood Wave hit with a stoned coolness while the follow up Memory Man drives with a Can/Neu style motorik beat, psychedelic vibes and fuzz guitar while Holly’s vocal meanders over the music with an airy, delicate feel. 

Speaking of the new single, Holly said “I wrote the lyrics and melody to Memory Man while driving. It was a bit of a subconscious thought stream connected to what I’d being going through personally at the time. The original melody was slightly different to what it became. It was much slower and had a bit of a Syd Barrett vibe. Then one day we were in the studio, David was playing a riff and beat he had recorded but didn’t know what to do with. So, we wondered what would happen if we mixed melody and lyrics with this kind of really relentless Kraut beat that David had created and that’s how the song came about.'”

The Lovely Eggs have released a string of top singles and albums since their formation in 2006 and thankfully, the early singles from the forthcoming release are earworms that don’t disappoint. They always put on a great live show so for more on the album and the tour, head over to The Lovely Eggs website here for more details. 


Concert: Barry Adamson
Venue: Glasgow King Tuts
Dates:  31 May 2024

As seminal bass players go, Barry Adamson has earned the right to be up there. A member of Magazine, the original bassist in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, a Mercury Prize nominated solo artist, a composer, photographer and filmmaker, Adamson continues to break the mould as a true creative.  

Incredibly, Adamson is on the cusp of releasing his tenth solo album with the release of Cut To Black on May 17th. The single The Last Words Of Sam Cooke catapults the listener back to the Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles on 11 December 1964 and into the head of the late, great singer as his last few living hours on earth play out. It’s a beautiful track, of which Adam says “It’s not gospel, it’s not soul, it’s not blues and it ain’t rock ‘n’ roll. It’s all of ’em – and with good reason“. It’s certainly a hook-laden belter that evokes those soulful tones and shades, Adamson’s vocal tender and warm. 

Hitting the road in support of the album, Adamson will play eight dates across the U.K. including King Tuts in Glasgow on Friday 31st May. Cut To Black explores a range of musical styles including soul, R&B, hip hop and Manhattan disco and will be supported on tour by Nadine Khouri. 

Oh, and did I mention his excellent memoir, Up Above The City, Down Beneath The Stars? It’s a cracking read and one of the best music related books I’ve read in years. 

For more on the new Barry Adamson album and his forthcoming tour, visit the website here


Concert: Jack Valero
Venue: Glasgow Mackintosh Church
Dates: 02 May 2024

While the cool folk going to this show will predominantly be there for the headliner, Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band, the smarter folk will be in early as to not miss support act Jack Valero

The young singer-songwriter continues to garner a growing reputation following a string of releases over the past couple of years. He’s also been working with his old man, who just happens to be Billy Bragg! Valero has recorded a new EP entitled Not In Kansas Anymore which won’t be released 06 September but its lead track, Always Something You Can Do is a cut that perfectly combines Americana and indie rock.  

Talking of the track, Valero said “This song came about when I noticed all of my songs had a very melancholy feel to them. I’m really big on the juxtaposition of a happy tune with sad or dark lyrics. However after looking at the world the way it is today, I realised that I had spent a lot of time pointing out the problems but hadn’t put together a song that had any positive look to the future. I for one felt I sorely needed that. In a time of war in Europe and the second Cold War, the resurgence of fascism in America, cost of living crisis and global warming I needed some hope. That’s why this song doesn’t mention those things, not that I will ever shy away from them, but more servicing as a reminder that when the world seems out of control you can still make the effort of being decent to your fellow humans on a day-to-day basis“.

Aside from the Glasgow gig, Valero has a number of other U.K. and European dates coming up. For more information, head to the website here


Concert: John Robb with Paul Simpson
Venue: Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms
Date:  09 May 2024

If you took a poll to ascertain the journalist with the most extensive knowledge of punk, post-punk, goth and all things alternative, the name John Robb would surely come out on top. The prolific Robb formed The Membranes in 1977 and still performs with the band to this day. In addition to this, he runs the Louder Than War website/magazine as well as writing books such as The Art Of Darkness: The History Of Goth, published in 2023. 

If that wasn’t enough, Robb is hitting venues around the U.K. in support of his autobiographical latest tome, Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock’n’Roll? Forty Years Of Music Writing From The Frontline. The premise is simple enough, Robb will be interviewing different musicians, authors, journalists and music aficionados including the likes of Paul Hanley (The Fall, Colin Newman (Wire) and Johnny Green (The Clash tour manager). 

These are certain to be fascinating insights into the world of music and the fact that the guests are so varied will ensure something different on each night if you are fortunate to go to one or even more of the events. 

For the Edinburgh show, Robb will be joined by Paul Simpson (Teardrop Explodes, Wild Swans, Care) who published his own memoir recently, the excellent Revolutionary Spirit. 

Visit the Louder Than War website here for full details on the book and the tour. 

John Welsh


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