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Live Review: Mono at Classic Grand

Mono – 3 October 2018. Classic Grand, Glasgow

Japanese four piece Mono brought their own blend of post-rock instrumentalism to Glasgow last night. Although the band is now three part Japanese and one part American with the addition of drummer Dahm Majuri Cipolla who replaced original member Yasunori Takada who left in December of last year.

It’s always an intense experience watching and listening to Mono. Their brooding atmospheric style of music is akin to watching a soundtrack unfold. Moments of quiet reflection almost instantly replaced by incredible walls of sound as the music reaches a crescendo that is simultaneously both disturbing and uplifting, tinged with feelings of euphoria. It’s a heady mix and perfectly executed.

The stage set up also a little unsettling. Both guitarists sit down for most of the performance with Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto taking on the lead guitar role and sitting stage left and rhythm guitarist Hideki ‘Yoda’ Suematsu filling the same position on the opposite side. It’s fascinating watching them play as they throw their heads around during the heaviest parts while delivering the intricate melodies only leaving their stools to fall to their knees and manipulate a bank of pedals to elicit more feedback, reverb and distortion.

They do finally rise from their stools with Yoda standing for Halcyon (Beautiful Days) and Taka doing his guitar hero poses during the epic closer Ashes in The Snow. The only member who isn’t sitting is bass player Tamaki Kunishi who swings along with the music as if she’s lost in a trance while also providing the occasional keyboard accompaniment.

The bulk of the set is made up mostly from new album, Nowhere, Now Here, due for release in January and even contains a song with words which is a bit of a departure.

A powerful evening of music that leaves you quite drained but at the same time somehow content.

Kevin Williamson

Setlist: After You Comes the Flood/Death in Rebirth/Breathe/Nowhere, Now Here/Dream Odyssey/Sorrow/Night Ends/Halcyon (Beautiful Days)/Ashes in the Snow
Halcyon (Beautiful Days)

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Halcyon (Beautiful Days)

Ashes in the Snow

New single – After You Comes the Flood

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