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Collaborations and Tiny Changes

During a gap in the otherwise restrictive lockdown guidelines in 2020 and over an actual pint in an actual pub (remember those days), the idea for the Inter-Creative Collaborations project was born.

From the initial musings of Robert Hodgens (Bobby Bluebell) and the Into Creative chaps, came the idea that creatives could mark these strange times by having something unique to put their talents and drive into. Something to take them out of themselves and the current situation we are all living in. This lead to an approach to musicians to ask if they would like to cover a song from their childhood/youth which still resonates and has stayed with them throughout their lives.

For many, these tunes were likely from their parents or older siblings’ record collections. For others it could be the music that was emerging just as they were able to start buying music for themselves or even go to gigs.

Every person has their own association with a particular song. Some joyous, some tinged with sadness, but always uniquely personal to them.

No brief was given on how the songs should be produced. The recordings can be as stripped down or as expansive as the melody, lyrics or mood takes them. Once the tracks are mixed, it is over to the filmmaker to react to the recordings and produce visuals in response. The films will not necessarily always be a literal reference to the lyrics. Again, no brief is given to the filmmakers. The films can be as abstract or as literal as the filmmaker chooses.



The intention was that this will be an on-going project but we decided to launch the project with three songs/films which capture the spirit of the exchange of creative ideas between the musicians and filmmakers and, at the same time, to raise funds for the Tiny Changes charity. These songs, and this project, are not about lockdown per se, but have certainly emerged as a result of these challenging times.

Here is the link to Into Creative’s Just Giving page which is raising funds for the charity…


Here is the link to Tiny Changes’ page…


Please also visit the Bandcamp page where you will find the FREE download links to the songs…




New songs will be added to the page throughout the coming months. If you ‘Follow’ the Into Creative Bandcamp page you will get notification as new songs are published.

The three initial song/film collaborations can be viewed on Into Creative’s YouTube pages here…

Reflections Of My Life
Music: Robert Hodgens (Bobby Bluebell). Film: Grant McPhee

It’s Kinda Funny
Music: Douglas McIntyre (Port Sulphur). Film: Prof Ross Sinclair

Once In A Lifetime
Music: DopeSickFly. Film: Into Creative

I Only Have Eyes For You
Music: Chris Deerin (Fat Cops). Film: Robert Hodgens (Bobby Bluebell)

Better The Devil You Know
Music: Carla J Easton. Film: Kris Boyle

Run With Us
Music: The Martial Arts. Film: Adam J Smith

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