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Into Music Reviews: New Music in 2023

Any New Year resolutions? We’ve made one here at Into Creative and that is to listen to more cool music and bring it to your attention in 2023. Sounds like a deal? We think so. First round up of the year, coming up! 

Artist: Jo Bartlett
Single: I Don’t Want To Hear Any More Music
Label: Indie Through The Looking Glass

Now, I know it’s questionable to start 2023 with a song called I Don’t Want To Hear Any More Music but bear with me. Jo Barlett, the sometimes (but inherently cool) promoter, writer and musician is back with a new single, the first of three scheduled for release in the early part of 2023.

A bit of a departure from her 2022 album The Cut Up, this new track starts with synths before Bartlett’s vocal comes in. She makes it clear in her seemingly bleak lyric that she doesn’t want to hear music, read books or have the sun on her face. Quite the emotional pull before a defying statement is made, “this is me” which resolutely hints at redemption and absolution, the lyrics finishing on a flourish of wanting to hear music, read books and have the sun on her face. 

Bartlett had this to say ‘In summer 2022 I wrote three songs. I spent my time playing them, recording them and then re working them on my lap top, adding synths and beats. Taking things away, adding vocals, until they worked. It was absolute joy, when I finished, ‘I Don’t Want To Hear Any More Music’. It was the first to click. It suddenly sounded just right. I had set up my studio at home in the lounge and no one else was there. I listened to this and the other track I had just finished, over and over, so happy. All three songs are now complete and will be getting released in 2023. I can’t wait for them to be out there.’

It’s a great track and we couldn’t think if a better song to start 2023 with, ‘I Don’t Want to Hear Any More Music’ will be released on 25 January. For more information on Jo Bartlett head over to her Bandcamp page here.


Artist: Parent Teacher
Single: Living A Lie
Label: Wilbur & Moore Records

Hot on the heels of debut single Everything’s Normal, New York based artist Parent Teacher returns with another quirky lo-fi number in the shape of Living A Lie. It’s a synth based track, laden with repetitive hooks that are insanely catchy alongside quality lyrics from the self-proclaimed pigeon whisperer. The track is released on 06 January 2023 and it bodes well for the awaited debut album Impending Doom which is due out in February. 

There’s not much more information on Parent Teacher at the moment but I suspect that will change shortly with the upcoming album release. Keep up to speed with Parent Teacher via their Bandcamp page here


Artist: The Lemon Twigs
Single: Corner Of My Eye
Label: Captured Tracks

If you close your eyes, this could be the sound of San Francisco in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s, with flowers in your hair baby. It’s delicate, dreamy, warm and filled with harmonies and hooks that’ll have you pressing repeat after each play. It’s clear to see the multi instrumentalist brothers know their way around a song arrangement and at times the track takes on a theatrical feel due to the vocal range explored here. Having listened to the track a few times, I keep discovering small nuances, new themes and I’m sure that’ll continue as I get to know the band through their back catalogue. 

Having formed in Long Island, New York and with 3 albums under their belt, its good to hear new music from the D’addario brothers following on from their 2020 album Songs For The General Public. The band have also supported the likes of Sunflower Bean and the Arctic Monkeys in the past as well as collaborating with Weyes Blood. 

Commenting on the track, the band said “We recorded this track winter of 2021 in our old rehearsal studio in Midtown, NYC. Apart from the vibraphone, the instrumental track was recorded live with Andres Valbuena on drums and Daryl Johns on upright bass. We laid down the vocals late that night once the traffic outside had died down. We’ve had the song for a while now, so we’re excited to share it with fans who may have heard it live over the years!”

Corner Of My Eye is out now. You can keep apace with The Lemon Twigs via their website here


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