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Into Music Reviews: New Music October 2022

We have an interesting landscape at the moment where we see a self-imposed illiterate government seemingly hellbent on pulling apart and wrecking the U.K. (unless of course you’re a hedge fund manager). Tough times. While music can’t directly influence this, it is an avenue to provide a small ray of light against the backdrop of this bleak outlook. We at Into Creative have been blown away by the depth of quality being released recently so please read on to hear about a few choice cuts. 

Artist: Goliath
Single: Ghost Town                                                                                             Label: Bandcamp (self released)

Someone once said a riddle is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. That analogy is certainly true when you ask the question; why does the Airdrie based artist Goliath not have a record deal? Somewhat bizarre when you listen to what he has self-released to date. Add in his unique presence and aura, something that come across in spades when you listen to the music and watch the videos, and this is a bona fide star in the making. So, it’s a case of when, not if before this artist moves to a record label and the rest will surely be history. 

Incorporating pop, psychedelia, a hint of Laurel Canyon melody and a smidgen of the Flaming Lips, new single Ghost Town is simply stunning and sure to muscle its way into those end of year lists of top songs.   

Head over to Goliath’s Bandcamp page here to find out more. 


Artist: This Poison!
EP: John Peel Session 30.11.1987                                                                    Label: Precious Recordings of London

The new release (the 17th) from Precious Recordings of London sees the agit-pop of Perth’s This Poison! whose star burned bright but briefly around the mid to late 1980s. On first listen, I was immediately drawn to the fastidious, blazing, giddy and shimmering guitars which was/is very much in keeping with the sound of The Wedding Present. No surprise then when the sleeve notes highlight the band released two singles on the Pressies record label.

The sleeve notes are actually a thing of beauty here. The band’s Derek Moir recalls the phone call asking the band to come down to London and record a session for John Peel and the various shenanigans that subsequently entailed. As for the songs, they are short, sharp and instantly take you back to that period when indie guitar bands were breaking out and making great music, yet the four tracks still sound fresh today. 

To order This Poison! and any of the Precious Recordings of London back catalogue and to keep up to date with new and future releases, head over to their Bandcamp page here


Artist: Vulture Party
Single: Blood Wolf Moon                                                                                          Label: Last Night From Glasgow

Falkirk’s finest, Vulture Party are back with a third single, Blood Wolf Moon taken from their new album (Archipelago) which is due to be released mid-October on the excellent Last Night From Glasgow label.

The track weaves old European folklore electronica with an undercurrent of noir pop adding up to another innovative, different and ultimately triumphant song from the band. Euro beats, keyboards and pulsing bass really stand out here and going on this – and the previous two singles – we are in for a treat when the new album lands.

Keep up to speed with Vulture Party via their website here and do check out the video for the single below. 


Artist: Peter Hall
Single: In Plain Sight                                                                                                Label: Bandcamp (self released)

It really is good to see the return of Nottingham based singer-songwriter Peter Hall with his first release of 2022 following on from his excellent album of last year, Light The Stars. During the year or so since, Hall has been busy writing new material, partially inspired by a group songwriting/tutorial/mentoring session with James Grant and Bobby Bluebell in Tighnabruaich, Argyll (Secret Coast Songwriters). 

Initial output sees the release of In Plain Sight with lyrics combining love and archaeology (yes, really). The track contains sweeping melodies and strings, chiming guitar, delicate vocals and is the perfect autumnal release, fresh, crisp and bright. 

Keep up to speed with Peter Hall via his Bandcamp page here


Artist: Gallus
Single: Are You Finished                                                                                          Label: Marshall Records

If you are looking for indie pop with guitars, soaring vocals, pounding drums and an attitude that defies you to ignore them at your peril then Gallus are the band for you (and me). 

Like the band’s name, new single Are You Finished struts like a peacock, bold, brave with a f#cking ‘check me out’ attitude that doesn’t fail to draw you in. More hooks than a set of curtains, slashing drums and a confident vocal from singer Barry Dolan, this is three and a half minutes of incisive rock and roll. 

Having toured with the likes of Biffy Clyro, played SXSW, Connect and The Great Escape it’s surely not long before the Glasgow rockers are headlining sold out gigs over the U.K. So, you might want to get in early as this band are definitely on the rise. 

Check out Gallus via their website here

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